FL's FIMFic stuff

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FL's FIMFic stuff

Postby Fl Brony » 15 Dec 2013 15:25

So I also write....I'll post the links to each story that I write in here along with updates and everything.

A Rainbow in the Dark A Fallout New Vegas crossover where Rainbow Dash goes to the Mojave Wasteland and meets the Courier. It's in a story telling format so occasionally other ponies will comment on what's happening.
The Pleb Adventures: The story of Button and friends. Dumb little story a friend and myself wrote about Button Mash being a pleb. It's a trollfic/jokefic soooooo there's that
I rap, make teh electronics, and try to be br00tz.
I also go by JokerCard for non pony stuff
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Skype: jerryl237
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