Entertainment Book Sale: Ship CaptainFluffatun to New York!

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Entertainment Book Sale: Ship CaptainFluffatun to New York!

Postby CaptainFluffatun » 12 Sep 2012 16:21

My drama department is taking a trip to New York this february, but we all need to raise money. We are selling entertainment books which contain a bunch of coupons. I think the box of the ones I have right next to me is for the Edmonds/Seattle Washington area. That said, when I get people to buy online, I can choose one for their city, and the offers will be valid/more applicable there. If you are interested, they are about 30-35 dollars, and I would love your help. Please reply to this thread if you want to buy one. It might take a bit for me to learn how to do it (I don't want to mess up any orders!), but again, I'd love your support and could use the help in getting money for the trip. I think it's US and Canada only, so keep that in mind.

Again, still working out specifics, but comment if you're interested. Also again, the box I have is for my area, but online I can get you one for your area.
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