Bad singers needed! Pony Drinking Song! No Morality! [nsfw]

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Bad singers needed! Pony Drinking Song! No Morality! [nsfw]

Postby FLAOFEI » 29 May 2015 16:54

[No Morality deadline is now passed, though I'm thinking of making more similar songs, and making a sort of compilation thing. So if you wanna sing, go ahead and record, and then I'll use it for the compilation version whenever that happens ;3 ]

I've written some lyrics to an equestrian drinking song. The swedish kind of drinking song. The kind where you sing a short song, shout "SKÅL!", then drink something. (also... it's the kind of drinkingsong politicians get kicked out of office for if theyre cought singing it... Cause in equestria, it's pretty racist against Zebras. It's all in good fun though... I hope...)

So I'ma need a bunch of poor singers with decent mics to sing. (If your'e a good singer... then sure... sing good. I guess that works to.)
All you need to do is record your self singing these lyrics to the melody provided a few times. Some in a regular, happy, loud voice, and some with a "drunk of your ass" voice, or perhaps a "my throat is bleeding from screaming to much" voice.
You don't have to practice much, nor do you have to hit the notes. I didn't. As long as it's close to the same rhythm it's good. And if you start laughing or coughing or something, DEAR GOD DON*T DELETE IT!!! RECORD IT ALL!!!

Lyrics and a croud of me singing it in the spoobler

Spoiler Stuff yeh:
The everfree, it was once free
of equines with a Z

But then Zeeeee-
cora played monopoly
with princess LSD---

The royal flank was bucked so hard
that sun butt "Accidentally" chared
homeland of the Zebra mares
never mes with royal affairs

Here's the melody ... 9.mp3?dl=0

And here's me and my clones singing, so you can follow along in a realistic setting ... 9.mp3?dl=0

When you're done, send me a download link somewhere. Pm, skype, facebook. Where ever you find me.

Also. If you wanna go the extra mile, include a hardy "SKÅL!", "CHEERS!", "YARRRR!", "SALUD!", "NA ZDOROVJE!", "KAMPAI!", or whatever you native exclamation may be.
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Re: Bad singers needed! Pony Drinking Song! No Morality! [ns

Postby ExoBassTix » 31 May 2015 08:19

I'll be putting this on my to-do list for monday/tuesday :3 I'll see if I can record some randomshit for you.
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Re: Bad singers needed! Pony Drinking Song! No Morality! [ns

Postby A2Z » 11 Jun 2015 20:15

PM'd..hhhhhhjkghkm stupid 2five charater minimum
I am here to see what you do and omg it's cute

Here is my [audiocumulus]:
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