<Pony><Original><Synthpop, Post-Disco> GalaCon

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<Pony><Original><Synthpop, Post-Disco> GalaCon

Postby Pulse Wave » 26 Jul 2019 09:02

Tartarus must have frozen over, for I've finally whipped up some music.

Took me several days and cost me a lot of nerves (I assumed full control over my current rig for the first time while making this song) and sweat (searing hot summer outside, piles of electronic machinery producing heat inside) and last night's sleep (I recorded the vocals in my band rehearsal room, and at almost midnight I decided I didn't want to do another take; then it took me almost an hour to get back home, then I still had to gloss the vocals over, make three additional edits of the song and export them all as WAV and 24-bit FLAC, and then I still had to publish it and plug it to certain people).

I've had parts of the song (excluding the verses, though) in my head as a concept since 2015 already. Nevertheless, I made up some of the parts as I was working on it. The youngest part is the vocal melody. I composed it pretty much while I sang it and immediately before recording the vocals.

You may notice that not everything is tightly quantised to the grid. There are two reasons for this: One, I made parts of the song 1980s-style, namely I played them by hand. Two, I didn't have infinite time and infinite nerves for more takes, also since this song absolutely had to be published before 2019 GalaCon (that's a convention in Germany that'll start tomorrow in case you don't know).

That said, here it is.

Original full-length version:

Edit without the rapped intro:

The single on pony.fm also contains instrumental mixes of these two versions (the same without vocals).
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