Woah...this place is still active?

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Woah...this place is still active?

Postby Navron » 07 Nov 2018 19:10

It's been so long I was expecting a "page not found" error. May as well reintroduce myself like I'm new again:

Hi, I'm Navron. Some of you might remember me as Navy Brony. Well, I got out of the Navy in 2015 and started college in 2016. Life was exciting for awhile. Had a couple great relationships, but alas I have ended up single again with too much free time on my hands.

Pretty much stopped watching MLP entirely sometime after S5? Just sort of grew out of it I guess. As a veteran I began to grow increasingly worried about the growing civil unrest due to everybody in politics going insane, so I've been preparing for the worst. Hurricane Florence hit my area pretty bad. Was like a 3rd world country for awhile, and I've had to live with my parents for the past month or so as my apartment is repaired.

I might start doing some music again, although I've got no idea what radical direction I'll go. I've learned a couple cool vocal techniques that, while I wasn't much of a vocalist before, I'm certainly a type of one now, lol

Other than that, it feels good to be back. I can't even remember how to navigate this board. I'm I still somehow a moderator?
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