LGBTQ Charity Album: Right to The Point

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Re: LGBTQ Charity Album: Right to The Point

Postby sherbetsix » 13 Dec 2012 18:17

Hmm, so the deadline is approaching, but are you accepting any more participants? I'd really like to contribute! :D
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Re: LGBTQ Charity Album: Right to The Point

Postby Thyrai » 14 Dec 2012 05:26

TheLonging wrote:Sorry for not being active and updating. A lot of real shit is going on in my life, as well as school, and everything is overwhelming me.

I'm going to extend the deadline for roughly another month, because I need some time to catch up and make music, as I have projects going on in the music community and in school. I'm sorry all.

So ~January 25, then? That's good news, I was panicking a little bit trying to balance the deadline with the whole holiday madness
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Re: LGBTQ Charity Album: Right to The Point

Postby meletric » 18 Jan 2013 15:07

Hey! I just wanted to check and see if this is still happening?
If that is the case, how/where should we submit our songs on the submission date?
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