P@D Amity [Submissions Due by December 20th)

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P@D Amity [Submissions Due by December 20th)

Postby ExplodingPonyToast » 04 Nov 2016 04:11

Hey guys!

Ponies at Dawn have now released a total of 9 albums over the last few years, and because the next album we release will be the 10th, we decided that we might as well make it something a bit special. We’re proud to announce that we’re opening submissions for our next album - Amity.

Our last album, Voyager, has been doing fantastically since it was released in early October, however this album will work a little differently to that one. Our last holiday album had a Christmas theme to it, but this one will carry the theme of friendship and working together. To that end, all submissions for this album must either be collaborations between at least two different artists, or remixes of tracks from past Ponies at Dawn albums.

Some of the best pieces of work in the music community are collaborations, and it’s also heaps of fun taking a track that’s already been created and re-imagining it in another light. We didn’t want to restrict people to only one type of submission, which is why we thought that allowed both of these types of submissions would give flexibility for everybody to give something a go.

If there’s a specific track you want to remix from past albums, and you need the stems and/or midi files for it, we highly encourage you to contact either us or the artist of the track about it, however for those of you who just want to dive in and explore the options, we have a spreadsheet where remix packs for a large number of tracks from past albums are already available. To artists reading this who have been on past albums, if you want your track included in this list just send us a remix pack and we’ll add it in! Some artists aren’t comfortable having stems/midis for their music publicly available, but will happily give them out if somebody shows specific interest in remixing their track, so if a track you want to work with isn’t on the sheet, do make sure to ask!

Remix Packs Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=0

As usual, the money made by the album from donations on BandCamp will go towards the artists who make it onto the album, as thanks for the hard work put in to make the album a reality. The album will be under the ‘pay what you want’ model, so that those who don’t wish to pay for it don’t have to. We believe that the most important part of these albums, is getting artists’ music out to as many different listeners as possible.

Submissions Form: https://goo.gl/tKNiWN
Submissions Due: December 20th (contact us if you need a couple of days extension)

More information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/146j ... xfLQA/edit

Thanks, EPT!
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