COWBELL PARTY IS BACK...sort of. It's loosely themed tho.

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COWBELL PARTY IS BACK...sort of. It's loosely themed tho.

Postby ok_cheez » 02 Aug 2022 16:47

Hello. You might know me as r_chase. I shall welcome myself back with this:

Cowbell Party is sort of back, with perms from Spry too.

WTF IS THIS?! you ask?
Well, the name might be familiar to those who've been here long enough in the fandom since the beginning of Balloon Party. It started out of as a shitpost and well, several years later, I've acquired it to make a phonk compilation.

Well, I'm glad you asked. Phonk is a music genre descended from Memphis rap. It started to gain popularity with phonk YouTube channels such as rare phonk and Sad Soundcloud. A subgenre of phonk, called drift phonk, zeroes in on high speeds and 808 cowbell melodies. Most phonk usually features a Memphis rap vocal sample, but it has evolved beyond that and cowbell melodies. Don't let the mainstream streaming services tell you otherwise. Anyway, the general mood of phonk is usually hazy and nostalgic, but can be dark and grimey too.

Phonk and phonk fusions. The cowbells are a big bonus, but not always the main focus despite our name.
Phonk is often fused with other genres. This may include but not limited to house, DnB, and even Brazilian funk (trappin' in Brazil, anyone? lmao). Basically, something like a hazy lofi atmosphere...or maybe a dark one too.
Besides being about the 808 cowbell and other phonky shit, we don't have a strict theme for this first compilation but it'll be subtitled:


We don't have a submissions form yet, but do drop by our Discord server and talk there. Also my Discord DMs are open if you join. With that said, we'll decide on a deadline. Right now, we're gathering up shit. Let us know what you think of this. If you think this is a bit far, then maybe it's not for you.

Anyway, peace out for now. :geek:

ok cheez
f.k.a. r_chase :ugeek:
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