Amarok not Playing MP3's.

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Amarok not Playing MP3's.

Postby johntimber » 23 Jul 2018 04:29


I installed Ubuntu on a Thinkpad T41. everything works fine but I not a real fan of Rhythmbox so after searching around I decide toe give Amnarok a try. As the title states for some reason Amarok will not play Mp3. Whenever I try to play one I get a message saying that Amarok doesn't have MP3 support and give me an option to install it. When I select to do so all I get is a momentary flash of a windows and nothing; it still won't play MP3's.Looking around at other forums the concensus seems to be that you need to install the restricted media libraries. But that was one of the first things I did when I installed Ubuntu (8.04) and I can play any media file using either Rhythmbox, Mplayer or VLC, just not on Amarok. But I tried installing them again and sure enough the terminal informs me that there is nothing to install and skips installation.Any other ideas what might be the problem?

Please help.

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