Brony Rap Songs

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Brony Rap Songs

Postby Sneik » 09 Mar 2017 21:06

I'm pretty sure some of you have their own personal archives with brony music. Is there any fan of rap, who has some songs arcived? The problem is that brony rap almost does not exsit there days. Many songs have been deleted in last couple of years. Could you check if you have any songs from rappers like:

Da Mane
Nicisflee (especially his album New Flee)
Little Philly MC
and any other rapper who has deleted his music

I will really appreciate any shared song. I'm in the fandom since 2012, but I have never been interested in pony rap music, but it has changed 2 years ago, and unfortunately, there's nothing to return to, because the greatest artists are gone, and everything I have at this moment is small number of reuploads on YT, that's why I want to discover songs which are hidden on your hard drives. Please, could you give me a hand? :)
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Re: Brony Rap Songs

Postby Pulse Wave » 26 Jun 2017 04:39

Have you looked through yet? It's quite extensive since it has swallowed up two other brony music archives.
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