Currently preparing a fan-music panel for a con, thoughts ?

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Currently preparing a fan-music panel for a con, thoughts ?

Postby Mijka » 20 Sep 2015 16:33

Hey there ! Seems i didn't came here for a loooong while, what a shame ! I come here to ask you a question, i'm asking in parallel on /r/MLPtunes.

I am required to do a panel for a french convention, music-oriented. Fyi, i shared a few links here about my work but i am not overflooding social medias about it, i am Mijka, host of a weekly podcast on, about exploring the whole brony musical scene through different themes (music genres, characters...) with in-between descriptions Pony Club.

The thing is (i think the french bronies are kinda like international ones for this), the biggest challenge is to be entertaining and dynamic to a crowd that would at best be slightly interested, only the "old names" staying in most people minds and a majority of the actual scene not "that" known.

I just started listing a few common topics (like evolution of the scene, the diversity of it within many genres, current artists i could show (will have some music in background and/or short samples used as examples), the etc... i could jump on if needed, thinking i'll start with a few questions to the public after a small intro and use that to develop the topics the answers raised.

I am at the very beginning of the preparation of it, and even if i would be able to pull out enough to make a panel, i thought it could be nice to ask you your advice about how to do this panel, one of the organizers of the con told me the main goal would be to be able to make "people not that much into actual scene" entertained/interested.

So, guys (and gals !), what do you think ?
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