The "What Genre Is This?" Thread

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The "What Genre Is This?" Thread

Postby Toothpaste » 23 Apr 2015 10:50

I'm not sure if there's a thread dedicated to this stuff, but I didn't see one...

Anyways, I was searching for a thread where you can ask for clarity on what genre a song is. I never found a mothering thread, but a bunch of individual threads for individual songs. 

So now this is a thing. Go ahead and post anything you don't know the genre for and (hopefully) someone will come by and tell ya!

Also, it'd be really cool if you could not only tell the genre, but all the other genres it falls under (in case of a sub-genre or sub-sub-genre or whatever). Try to use this format if you can: Genre > sub-genre > sub-sub-genre > etc. (If you are unsure of what other genres something goes under; just say you don't know).


Okay. Let's get this started off. I think this song I made is some form of ambience, but I actually have no clue. Please help! 6_9
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Re: The "What Genre Is This?" Thread

Postby S.P.P » 16 Jul 2015 03:43

Sounds like an electronic rock instrumental (Rock>Electronic rock>dance fusion).
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