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FL Studio colab

Postby R4VAGER » 03 Dec 2014 03:28

I have been making alot of music recently and I think its time I start doing some colabs. I have Ableton Live and FL Studio 11. I have way more experience with FL though. Some of the VSTs I use are Massive, Sylenth1, Nexus, iZotope Ozone 5, Absynth, and FM8. You can contact me via skype (slim_jim_420) or email ([email protected]). Here are a few of my recent tracks so you know what my music sounds like.
Hop, Skip, and a Jump
Life or Death
Never Stop
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Re: FL Studio colab

Postby MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN » 23 Jan 2015 19:12

ayyyy i saw your Beyond Her Garden remix last week, loved the wubs you came up with. my skype is mahcutie.markisagun :grin:

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Re: FL Studio colab

Postby mau5 3y3 » 03 Feb 2015 21:32

I would love to collab as well, my skype is wanderpony :) i can also link you to my soundcloud if necessary.
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Re: FL Studio colab

Postby Mordecai Mapper » 28 Feb 2016 12:02

I would love collab too!
My soundcloud is Mordecai Mapper 2, hope we can talk :)

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