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Postby ORYX » 14 Jun 2020 19:33

just wanted to give all this load of junk a home for other peeps who are interested in remixing songs and what not.
over the past few months or so I've been scrounging about the internet looking for production resources for those who are interested in remixing songs n' stuff, and i've gathered a decently sized chunk of stuff that might interest some of y'all.
the below dropbox link will take you to a big folder of the aforementioned junk, which contains mainly vocal stems alongside a few synth patches and the occasional midis for both fandom and non-fandom musicians.
i'm always finding and adding stuff so check back occasionally if you wish.
If any of the musicans has an issue with me putting this stuff here, please let me know and i will gladly take it down. ... _RFXa?dl=0
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