Field Recording / Sampling

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Field Recording / Sampling

Postby Conduit » 27 Feb 2014 20:14

I've been thinking about sampling some stuff and making a few Kontakt libraries recently. I already have a pretty decent mic, so all I really need is a field recorder. Really my only needs are a fairly decent battery life + the ability to plug it into a wall outlet, USB connectivity, and a XLR port with phantom power. I've been looking at this, but I really don't need more then two channels, and the onboard mixing features would be completely useless to me. I also have no need for the onboard mic, but it might be a nice touch in case I don't want to carry around a full set up. Do any of you know of any decent, yet affordable options? Tips for what to look out for would also be great since this is a completely new area for me.


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Re: Field Recording / Sampling

Postby Acsii » 28 Feb 2014 04:30

Tbh I just use my phone for field recording. But if you want one with XLR go with a XOOM I'm not sure about phantom on these things. But if you really want a more mixer style thing go with something from this line. ... rtastudio/ I've used the 24 track one myself for a field recording for a news type show and they work really well
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