Loop pedal ?

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Loop pedal ?

Postby topitmunkeydog » 05 Mar 2015 16:18

Hello all, im sorry ive been away; i dont get around much anymore
So im curious to know if its possible to construct a loop pedal out of stuff kind of something that accomplishes what kishi bashi or like ed sheeran i think does to build up his songs. I have an extra sustain pedal like for my piano likethis, as well as an acoustic amplifier, and an electroacoustic ukulele, and the software Ableton Live. I was wondering if its possible to link stuff together in order to be able to perform things looped live because that is somethin im interested in trying.
heres more of kishi bashi doing his thingbc its pretty cool i think. i actually saw him in concert a month ago opening for guster and it was really inspiring
thank you!!!
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Re: Loop pedal ?

Postby Acsii » 06 Mar 2015 02:30

You want either a boss looper or zoom looper. Really that's all there is to it other than your budget
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