Looking for advice on making Chill/Relaxed Music

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Looking for advice on making Chill/Relaxed Music

Postby BronyMetalMix » 13 Aug 2015 02:02

Hey everypony! Hope you're all doing well!

I need some help, tips, advice, anything you guys can give me. A few months ago I made a song "A Night Under Equestria". It was my first chill song and I thought it turned out quite well for my first one! Now...I wanna work and create another chill song. However, I don't wanna make it to similar to Night Under Equestria, I'd like for it to have it's own identity, flow, emotion and feel. I just don't want it to be samey. If anyone who has experience making Chill/Relaxed songs, please help by giving advice or tips or even some artists for me to listen to so I can listen to more and understand what can go into Chill Music that makes it work.

Thanks for your time,
Note Wise

P.S Here's Night Under Equestria if you're curious to how it sounds and what I went for it.

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Re: Looking for advice on making Chill/Relaxed Music

Postby Totalspark » 18 Aug 2015 21:20

Something fun that I do when making more chill sounding songs is taking advantage of 7th, 9th, or larger chords, rather than just simple triads. That, and I tend to build up slowly to a point, instead of getting to it around on minute into the song, like most Dub or House genres like to do.

Songs for reference:



And i suppose one of my tracks should actually have those chords I waws talking about >.<

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