The latest release of NBA 2K establishment

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The latest release of NBA 2K establishment

Postby bertramuzi » 06 May 2022 01:18

I believe they've discovered something they should be leaning towards. I'd prefer they'd tap into this instead of giving us every one of these silly sponsored missions and side-missions in MyCareer NBA MT Coins. I mean, why is State Farm in this game? Should I buy insurance? And, why does MyPlayer seem to be more excited about basketball than rapping?

These things work on occasion, but that's but not for the State Farm item. That's just weird. But rapping, fashion, sneaker sponsorships, and everything else perform in different spots. The game should just be less about those things and more about the incredible basketball game we're playing.

Mike. Mike. Everything in 2K22 beyond actual game activities only distracts from what the game excels at. As someone who doesn't really want to ball around in The City at all, I'd think that I'd be fine having the modes split completely. That's probably not the most good business idea, though, so it'll never occur.

I'd prefer to see something more along the like a MyCoach mode. Let me take the reins of a high school team , and ascend through college to the NBA In a 2K version of Football Manager.

We had an extensive list of features we wanted to address this year: faster-paced gaming faster, more responsive and tighter movement, more skill-based offense, and big changes to the player builder. We made an effort to ensure we were providing the same high-quality gameplay upgrades on each PS5 and PS4 in order to ensure that, regardless of which version you're running this year Buy NBA 2K22 MT, you're going enjoy a new experience.
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