EDC (every day carry) Thread?

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Re: EDC (every day carry) Thread?

Postby Acsii » 19 Nov 2013 16:33

-lighter (so people who need a light can have one)
-retainer box -_-
-guitar picks
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Re: EDC (every day carry) Thread?

Postby ArisingFlame » 19 Nov 2013 18:06

Facade wrote:i think navron might be the first person on the forum to use chewing tobacco

Dip =/= chew XP
I dip from time to time. Usually it is copenhagen wintergreen. Stuff came out when I was in AIT and I became mildly obsessed with it. For any other flavors I go grizzly though. I have a soft sopt of Grizzly Straight
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Re: EDC (every day carry) Thread?

Postby Facade » 19 Nov 2013 19:55

sorry i wouldnt know i never got into the stuff
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Re: EDC (every day carry) Thread?

Postby Snoopy 20111 » 19 Nov 2013 21:49

Have I ever told you guys big pockets are THE BOMB?

Front left pocket:
1) Phone
2) Phone charger
3) Earbuds

Front right pocket:
1) Pencil(s)
2) Deck o' cards (sometimes)
3) Swiss army knife (sometimes)
4) Insulin pump remote/Blood sugar monitor, test strips, & lancer, all for teh type 1 diabeetus.

Back right:
1) Wallet
1.5) Guitar picks, in my wallet (about 10)

Various other places on self:
1) Insulin pump, for previously mentioned diabeetus.
2) Watch, left wrist
3) Diabeetus armband, right wrist
4) Brony armband RIP FRIEND
5) Silver cross necklace that I've literally not removed in years.
6) Mirrored-lens aviators sunglasses, on face or neckline of shirt
7) Epic T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes, plus super old leather jacket if it's cold enough.

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Re: EDC (every day carry) Thread?

Postby voopler » 06 Mar 2019 12:47

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