what I've been up to

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what I've been up to

Postby oldloserwinning » 13 Feb 2018 00:11


anyone still making things?
Or you're all in college last time I checked it's been a while.
I've been studying too you know...
I'm not in college though so,
you're ahead of me.
I remember last time I posted it was awkward.
I don't wanna be awkward.
I don't think I am...
P.a.d. was... not there this year.
I always look for it.
is it coming out soon?
and don't say "no it's dead" because there was 31 tracks on the last one.
It's crazy that it's not though.
just the fact that they're making another generation of this show is pure insanity.
they came out with a movie too...
I think the next album should be a thems fightin herdz/outer equestria album.
I dunno.
Hey, I may be awkward, but we can all agree: we're not toonkritic.
I mean, I felt good that the rest of the fandom reacted so harshly to that, and we're all on the same page that's wrong.
But hell,
you guys probably don't even know what I'm talking about.
I feel I pay too much attention to these things.
I feel I can't apologize enough for the things I've said on here,
I also feel like maybe that's the first step to realizing who I am in this finite reality.
Wow this whole thread is pure autism.
anyway, there's an update,
+1, (you), thumbs up, subs,
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