The Epic of Jimmy-San A.k.a Ponypon5556

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The Epic of Jimmy-San A.k.a Ponypon5556

Postby najjarqoauil » 29 Jul 2015 21:54

So, Jimy san a.k,a forget you rode his bike to the martial arts tourney when da' orakel stopped em'' and saud "You must stoooopppp ittttt jimmy san and not compete cause' this is a dream, and you gotta come wit' me if you want to liiivvvveee" but it wasn't a dream and Jimmy went over to Orakels house and ended up doing lsd, but someone complained over at the house that it was wrongful of him to make videos reading yahoo answers while music was playing in the background... ao he had to reformat his intake... and basically Orakel and him sat there on the couch and "Do you believe in magic?" Said Orakel "I hate martial arts and Deviantart so...I dunno" "O.k. but like... fire you know?" "Yeah cool" Then, suddenly he gotta text from frosty-fry and had to go. Frosty-fry a.k.a dr.phil a.k.a Mrs'JulianneJulianne A.k.a jokeblue was chillin' at his crib and pie squred etc.


That's how pokemon ended

He was lame because snow-man fiya frosty fry took Jimmies x-box and burned it -burned it with liquid fire.
Frosty fry was Jimmies cousin. They did martial arts, Frosty Lost somehow, and Jimmy lost to the next guy... in that martial arts tournament... which happened. AND they bith went home. Jims apartment was over-expensive and trashy and in the middle of a mall: Like most apartments. He ate his steak and peas, got really drumk, and taught chemistry the next day with his lovely intern Deborah who was a figment of his imagination. She had caught him up on the latest Netflix episodes.
Jimmy answered the phone, and hung up, and now I must ask you
Who was Orakel? :eek: :cool: :!: :ugeek: :arrow: :idea:
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Re: The Epic of Jimmy-San A.k.a Ponypon5556

Postby Jokeblue » 30 Jul 2015 01:33



hes doing the thiiing
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Re: The Epic of Jimmy-San A.k.a Ponypon5556

Postby ph00tbag » 30 Jul 2015 09:28

Jokeblue, calling out the mod's names is less effective than hitting that report button.
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