Sins of the Sol Empress OST Project

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Sins of the Sol Empress OST Project

Postby Pustulioooooo » 02 Oct 2011 20:21

(Makkon if you have a better place for this thread, you can move it)
Greetings my friends! Well I finally got the time to unveil this secret project of mine more thoroughly. Image

As of today/ tomorrow I am officially starting production on an immense soundtrack for an upcoming fan-fiction entitled, Sins of the Sol Empress

It's being written by my brother, ZAquanimus, and it will be a Grimdark-war fic (with a bit of cyber-punk mixed in)

And no this isn't some other Tyrant Celestia nonsense. We're talking about Evil Celestia (<-2nd best behind Trollestia)
And if for some odd reason you don't know what I'm talking about- Insert Evil Celestia here, obtain flaming bananas

This will be a 30+ song soundtrack (yeah... I got a lot to do) consisting of remixes and original compositions.

Who I wish to remix are as followed:
    Makkon (<-best pony)
    NotACleverPony (<-You better answer me this time, foal)
    Senator Myth
    Derpy Hooves
    Alex S.
    Eurobeat Brony
    8-bit Brony
    Vinyl Scratch
    Dr. Dissonance
    Infinity Dash
    and others bronies whose names I had unfortunately forgotten to write down.

List of planned songs/remixes that aren't spoilers
    Prologue [Celestial Origins + Sunset]
    Element of Magic (Twilight's Theme) [Twilight's Sonata]
    Rarity's theme [Tango form of La Couturière]
    Fluttershy's Theme [Flutter]
    Pinkie Pie's theme [Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Party BGM Remix]
    Big Mac's Theme [Big Mac's Theme <-Redundant]
    Idared Squadron Theme [Applejack Stage + ... Still trying to figure this one out]
Truly this is a huge project I have put myself in, but through hard work and help from you guys, this will turn out awesome! Image

I have finished one song and submitted to round 4, but I just made a redux of it today (and I will probably make another redux once I release the final soundtrack)

Also, as the chapters are released, songs will be uploaded here and onto to my various other media sites. So stay tuned! Image

tl;dr- I'm making an apple bucking season's worth of awesome music, so stay tuned!
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Re: Sins of the Sol Empress OST Project

Postby Dr_Dissonance » 02 Oct 2011 20:30

Sounds like a very fanciful and loooong project! Good luck, I bet it'll be amazing!

Also, I noticed that I'm on your list of people to kill remix, so if you want MIDI, or scores or stems or whatever, give me a buzz and I'll send them over!
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