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Postby najjarqoauil » 02 Aug 2015 08:58

Things can change in a second,
I always forget that
That's why it's so important for the man to remain vigilant,
before the baby in a blink starts playing with the 'wet jet' solution from the bottom sink
But also, there's opportunities,
but we don't take whatever we see in front of us
We look around -we have standards,
we ask what god wants, we ask what we want
if there isn't a way, we forge one
some things you can't take back...
but some you can in time
either way change is inevitable,
I think we all agree,,,
we don't want to become one of 'them'
the ones we were taught to fight
the communists
The literal communists from Stalins' day
it's just one of those things though,
because even the most vigilant will one day make a slip up,
and be the one he never wanted to be
but you can either let that lead your life,
or make a change yourself.
Stop marching in the red
start walking toward the light, my friend.
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Re: Sigh

Postby ph00tbag » 02 Aug 2015 09:55

Moving this to Fan Works Gossip, because poetry.
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