Season 3 teaser discussion (slight spoilers)

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Re: Season 3 teaser discussion (slight spoilers)

Postby VINXIS » 05 Aug 2012 16:40

soultensionbenjamin wrote:
VINXIS wrote:
soultensionbenjamin wrote:you guys are funny, a show only ends if the viewers lose interest

Why Invader Zim was closed: ... 027AAOckVp

Here it is in a nutshell though:

3. It got cancelled because of high production costs. It takes money to make a show!

4. It also got cancelled because it didn't fit nick's age group, so they decided to toss it.
(Taken from link)

MLP is done in flash.... its a show that spreads kindness and friendship im surrrrrrrrrrre that doesnt fit in the hubs age group

Derp, I'm sure the episodes will get much more violent than before episodes...
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Re: Season 3 teaser discussion (slight spoilers)

Postby soultensionbenjamin » 05 Aug 2012 16:46

TV shows get cancelled for many reasons, but the money is the least common denominator. If a network thinks that it can make enough off of a show, it keeps it around. If the network thinks that show is not drawing enough, it will be cancelled. No matter what the reason, fans are usually the ones holding the ball wondering what to do next.-- from some news site i found
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