Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

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Re: Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

Postby Freewave » 11 Jun 2012 10:29

Vinyl Scratch wrote:
NavyBrony wrote:This topic: Is like watching 2 people argue over how much peanut butter to spread on a sandwich while they both end up spreading the same amount.

That's pretty much every argument on My Little Remix explained right there.

ha ha, it sure is. :D

I don't know how much we can keep talking about the same subject when we basically agree on the same overall concepts. Clearly i don't think samples should be omitted (i have them in almost any remix i do when i think they fit, even if the original didn't have them) from brony music though (that is a one-sided view) but we gotta stop using played out boring season 1 dilaogue or songs that have been covered 20 times already. Enough Yay or Louder samples (BP... *cough*)... It's like remixing Rainbow Factory again for the 30th time, why cover the same tired ground? There's 2 full seasons with loads of moments that should inspire us, that we can sample (that haven't been), and that can break new ground.

I'm pro sample, other people don't use samples at all, but we love all love this show. Let's just put out inspired music that honors what brony music is all about. Most of the people talking in this thread clearly aren't newbs (no one in the last few pages) so we know why we got into this community when we began. It's ultimately up to the newer people to want to carry this tradition on WELL.

If anything that's what this thread is ultimately was about when i posted it. Don't be afraid to make your music influenced by MLP cause if it's <pony> it should be. It didn't need 8 pages but if we argue because we care and we see that changing than it's not that dumb...we've definitely seen this from all sides now.
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Re: Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

Postby Seven » 11 Jun 2012 15:17

I've avoided this thread just because it's so darn long. I'm a lazy person.

Just got some time to kill, so i read through it all in one take. Find the discussion interesting.

Anyways, now I'm off to make another, per definition, PINO track.
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Re: Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

Postby TranquilHooves » 30 Jul 2012 20:34

This thread just confuses me, music is music. How can people know where your inspiration comes from? (samples or no samples.)
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If anyone can figure out what genre this is, please tell me, cause I have no clue. :D
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Re: Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

Postby CaptainFluffatun » 30 Jul 2012 22:02

I really think it's best not to necro this thread. It seems to get many people angry.

That said, I do agree. Samples or vocals are not required to make a song "pony." As for people knowing where your inspiration comes from, perhaps it'd be a good idea to put that in the description.
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Postby MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN » 30 Jul 2012 23:30

(btw this is me having fun and killing time and reacting in pure internet Id mode, so plz save that "omfg why r u yellin ure so meannn" song n dance. it ain't that deep bruh)

Lavender_Harmony wrote:This again? Alright I'm gonna make a point here. I love how you are all accusing a lotof newer bronies of composing this PINO or pony name music or whatever. Go to my YouTube channel and listen to Making a Difference. Don't read the description. Do this now.

I'm assuming now you have. Is that PINO? I took inspiration from an episode and made that piece. I did not use pony samples, never have, and I doubt I will. I write melodies from inspiration, more things than I have released. A synth line inspired by how happy Derpy is, a piano line for Luna, even part of the orchestration in Arrivederci had deeper meaning and concept than I let on.

I ask of you guys to stop blindly calling everything that doesn't have a pony sample, doesn't have pony-related lyrics, a reference to one of the songs or a reference to a well known brony piece uninspired by pony.

I'm willing to bet most times you have called someone out on this you have been wrong. Inspiration goes deeper than samples, subtle vocals or familiar melodies. Music is a language which is both universal, and at the same time very personal.


As soon as ya'll started throwing around the term "PINO", I cringed. If you follow politics, you're aware of the phrase "RINO" - Republican In Name Only. In theory, it refers to Republicans who aren't "true conservatives" and wickedly stab the movement in the back. In practice, its a bludgeon that ignorant extremists use against fellow conservatives who deviate even the slightest bit from whatever the Limbaugh/Drudge party line of the day is. Its used to drive away the kind of moderates that win crucial elections for them. In other words, it makes them weaker as a whole.

See where I'm going with this?

Who the buck is anybody to call something "non-pony" or not? For any reason? That "For The New Lunar Republic" song fits some of the "non-pony" definitions floating 'round here...

Freewave wrote:You included a description on how your track is influenced by the show and described so. That all anyone has to do.

Ha, so what's to stop some dastardly villain from posting random good music and making up some total bullshit explaining how it's "influenced by the show"?

Right, absolutely nothing because nopony can read minds and truly discern the intentions or whatever of the artist. I mean that's what it boils down to for me. If there aren't lyrics or a BLINDINGLY OBVIOUS pony sample, you *have* to take that brony at their word that its pony inspired.

Lavender_Harmony wrote:I'm all for dropping the use of samples, personally. It's as cliche as using that f**king airhorn sample


Lavender_Harmony wrote:And Pon3, throw me a PM. i actually have been super opinionated as of late, mostly due to lots of people saying stupid stuff, not yourself in particular. If I've come across as mean spirited or arrogant, I apologise! This is a debate thats been active for far too long and folks just don't get the picture :/

lol such concern about arguments getting too heated

this is how ah can tell none of you have argued about politics on the internet b4

Diss Order wrote:The name Brony Music implies 'music for/by bronies'... Why would music be interesting for other bronies if it's not pony-related?

.......because its

Man, are there really people walking around with mp3 players filled with nothing but pony sample EDM (TECHNO! LOL) songs? People really love this show THAT HARD? Yeah. WTF. I don't get that. I must be weird.

CaptainFluffatun wrote:I feel like you're all going in a loop and dragging the same conversation on. It's almost like you're beginning to argue with yourselves.

lol >this is how ah can tell none of you have argued about politics on the internet b4

"going in a loop and dragging the same conversation on" lololololololol you've just described any debate about abortion ever in the past 30 years

CaptainFluffatun wrote:HERE'S AN IDEA:

What if we all made music instead of talking about other people making music and it somehow offending you.

If YOU YOURSELF are confident with YOUR OWN explanations then WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? People are always going to fake it to make it, no matter where you are. It's what YOU DO that counts, so go do it for fucks sake.

This is such crap. Be quiet, CaptainFluff.

Diss Order wrote:well duh, ANY MUSIC IS INTERESTING WHEN IT SOUNDS GOOD. But when I'm looking for rock, I don't wanna end up finding techno. Same way bronies expect pony-related music when they look for brony mus-


aesthetic/subject matter != genre

Fact is, most bronies "Pony Music preference" (lol that sounds so dumb) stems from their uhhh "Non-Pony Music preference". So odds are, bronies that really like Drum n Bass will really like Pony Drum n Bass - REGARDLESS of how well it fits this nebulous, abstract concept of "pony music". Whereas if they hate say, rap music, they prolly won't like Brony Rap. And if they DO hate rap music but suddenly get wet for some mediocre Brony Rap song, odds are its because they never really listened to rap music before and were completely ignorant as to what the genre is actually capable of.

NavyBrony wrote:That there is a difference between PINO, and non-pony music.

right, and this line is so ridiculously thin and subjective its effectively irrelevant

NavyBrony wrote:This topic: Is like watching 2 people argue over how much peanut butter to spread on a sandwich while they both end up spreading the same amount.


Love and Tolerance™! ^_^

TranquilHooves wrote:This thread just confuses me, music is music. How can people know where your inspiration comes from? (samples or no samples.)

hahahahaha tranquilhooves sucks at telepathy! let's make fun of him!

CaptainFluffatun wrote:I really think it's best not to necro this thread. It seems to get many people angry.


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Re: Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

Postby MorteMcAdaver » 31 Jul 2012 01:06

Well, before this thread is locked, I figured I would throw in my two cents as a musician who is a brony.

Since I've been composing grimdark and other gothy melodies since long before the brony fandom, I'm only now inspired to write stuff that's inspired from the show (and that's a rare thing for me, too). It'll just be the occasional tune, like my Changeling Boogie, a piano piece I've composed for Rarity, and maybe a few ponified Morrissey/Smiths covers :P. In any case I support music being made in whatever way pleases you. I am very happy to have appealed to some bronies with my work, just as their work has appealed to me. As Lavender Harmony said, it's all just music in the end and we must do what satisfies us as individual creatives.

Appealing to different audiences is just part of the whole promotional/marketing aspect of being a musician (if you're into that, of course), and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone for accepting me here! I was afraid to enter the brony community due to the dark nature of my work, but you've all made me feel at home, despite my meager contributions of pony-related material. :)
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Re: Don't Be Afraid to Make Your Music More <Pony>!

Postby Lavender_Harmony » 31 Jul 2012 01:36

Any music which does not contain the use of Dr Drum cannot be considered pony and as such will not be featured on Equestria Daily and will be automatically removed from the Celestia Radio playlists via the DDDM (Dr Drum Detector Module).
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