Got swag?

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Got swag?

Postby FLAOFEI » 14 Nov 2014 19:52

The idea is you share pics of what pony swag you have.
And post when you get new stuff.

Here's part of my colection

Spoiler le colection:
Mane 6 blindbags and the bestest figures I have on display ontop of the MS-20 mini on my desk.

Pretty much all my official merch right there in that corner, pluss my hair pin RD ears ( <3 those )

Probably my most used pony related thing right there. Got it as a present from a friend, best present evar!

Two crosshatch embroided ponies I got at a meetup a few years ago... and a calender... I haven't touched it since july...

I've got way more stuff all around, like a few prints and such. Some are up on my walls and some have been framed and are waiting to be hanged. And I have quite a few plushies, one of which you can see in one of the pics if you look closley... Blah blah blah. I have a lot of pony stuff :I

Edit: Decided right after I posted I should include this one to. Just to show off:
Signed by Ingram him self! To FLAO! /)(^3^)(\
Total fanboy yay!!!
)>-<)))^*> Sharkpon4srs
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Re: Got swag?

Postby CitricAcid » 14 Nov 2014 20:19

I wild pony thread appears!
Spoiler I choose you, Fluttershy:

I've got other stuff, but she's still the crown jewel. At least until my Rarity is finished.
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