Connecting Traktor to Ableton

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Connecting Traktor to Ableton

Postby Hawk » 22 Apr 2013 14:59

I'm trying to connect Traktor with Ableton but I have trouble with the audio connection software Jack.

I have an Audio 10 and want to use all ten outputs, I also want to use all four decks in Traktor.
So I open Jack's setup, set the input and output device to "ASIO::Traktor Audio 10" and the number of channels I/O to 10.

But when I choose JackRouter (ASIO) as audio device in Traktor's preferences only 4 channels show up in the output routing. Same thing with the input/output routing in Ableton. :x

In Traktor, I can use all outs when i choose "Jack audio device (jack)" but in Ableton this option isn't available.

Can anypony help me please?

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