Tweaking Stems to your liking?

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Tweaking Stems to your liking?

Postby KingTrollestia » 03 Apr 2013 16:08

I've seen this a lot from people who struggle with coming up with ideas for music. I notice that most of the time they tend to take stems from certain songs, like say from Beatport, or just convert a loop they like from a song and turn it into MIDI and make something new out of it. I'm just interested and curious to know if any of you actually try this, because I actually like the hook for Radioactive from Imagine Dragons and want to try something with it.
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Re: Tweaking Stems to your liking?

Postby bartekko » 03 Apr 2013 16:39

it's pretty much impossible to make stems without getting them from the original artist. if you want to just get a MIDI file from a loop you may have luck with some software (melodyne, ableton live 9) if the pitch is clear enough, but you probably will have to do it by ear.
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