Archived Remix War downloads?

Archived Remix War downloads?

Postby char » 26 Sep 2018 17:58

Hey guys! I am just a passing brony music archivist, and I'm particularly interested in archiving the Remix War songs as they were often (imo) some of the best songs to come out of the community. Unfortunately, many have been removed from yt and there are countless dead links. I'll post what I could find so far and (hopefully) this post will reach someone who still has the old songs downloaded. Once I have all the files I'm thinking I'll get in contact with the admin of theponyarchive (or perhaps just upload to gdrive) to immortalize them (most can't be uploaded to since they are mp3).

    Remix War 1 - There seems to be no full download for the album, as the download freewave provides for Remix War 1 is down.
    Remix Wars 2-4 - This thread provides downloads for Remix Wars 2-4 (big thanks to freewave for that ^^)
    Remix War 5 - The download to the torrent provided on the official post by circuitfry is currently down. I was able to find the torrent off of this url (magnet link below), but as expected, the torrent is dead
    Remix War 7 - The mega link provided by Stars in Autumn is currently dead
    Remix War 8 - Download still exists here (thank god it was uploaded to GDrive this time)
    Remix War 9 - Fully (?) available on YT here

Spoiler Remix War 5 torrent magnet link:

Note that the tracklists and yt links can still be found on this site here and/or on freewave's aforementioned post. I've tried looking up some of these songs on ponyfm/theponyarchive/google, but it seems that many channels/songs were even too obscure to have been archived there. Plus, without the original download, the audio quality gets lowered significantly. And seemingly about half of the download links on the events page are down at this point :/

If you have any ideas or I have missed something, please let me know. Thanks!
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Re: Archived Remix War downloads?

Postby RD-198 » 10 Nov 2018 11:35

I have exactly the same problems as you, it just doesn't seem to have been thought out from the tracks being stored individually on some random website to the albums distributed through torrents

I do have some of five and possibly others in an archive i downloaded.

maybe you could just ask one of the people who ran them (circuitfry etc) or look for people who did download them.
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Re: Archived Remix War downloads?

Postby Direct Current » 15 Nov 2018 20:01

While not a full download, This doc has a list of the songs. You could always start from there and start grabbing some
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