Isolating At The Gala choir parts

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Isolating At The Gala choir parts

Postby TheSunAndTheRainfall » 04 Sep 2011 10:29

Hi! Sorry if this is the wrong board to ask this, I still don't quite know my way around the forum layout.

I just wanted to ask, is there away to isolate the choir parts in At The Gala? Y'know, the ones that go "happiness and laughter at the gala", and whatnot, without deteriorating the sound quality of the samples much? I've looked around for tutorials and stuff on how to do this, and I admit I haven't tried them out (probably will get around to that tonight), but since these parts aren't treated the same way the main vocals are in the song, I still wanted to ask you guys if this might be possible or not.

Any light you can shed on this will be greatly appreciated. C:
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