Derpy Hooves' Stem Packs

Post Midis, project files, samples, stems, here. Also great place to request collaboration or specific files/sounds.

Derpy Hooves' Stem Packs

Postby Whitetail » 11 Jul 2011 20:39

I've been requested to do a few stem packs of my songs and I don't mind putting them up for anyone to get a chance at remixing my stuff so if I ever make any stem packs of my pieces I'll put them up here. At the moment all I have is Colgate's theme and Ze Magicz, both come with the original midi and wavs of the instrument tracks (+percussion) without reverb on them.

Colgate's theme:

Ze Magicz:
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Re: Derpy Hooves' Stem Packs

Postby Rainbow Hash » 14 Jul 2011 08:10

Thanks a ton for these, gonna try my hoof at a Ze Magicz remix for Round 3!
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