I'm searching for a vocalist

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I'm searching for a vocalist

Postby Bossy » 06 Mar 2016 12:05

Hi, I'm a young producer (16 years old) and i'm actually making a track. Problem: it shoud be better with a vocalist.

Please, if you're a vocalist, can you contact me by email? [email protected]
I'm searching particullary girls, but i can allow boys if you want c:
The track what i'm looking for: https://clyp.it/rqj2yn4j (i write "WIP" because i haven't finish him totally)

Thanks all :D
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Re: I'm searching for a vocalist

Postby ph00tbag » 16 Apr 2016 19:28

Moved this. Not positive it will get more or less responses than it would have back in Feedback, but it goes here, and I'm anal retentive.
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