Regret - The Remixes (Open Promotional Event)

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Regret - The Remixes (Open Promotional Event)

Postby Triple_B » 06 Jan 2016 00:49

So, hi guys. I notice nopony posts here, anymore. Shame.

Anyway, in honor of my official return to pony-tunes, with my first original pony track in 4 years, I'm holding a remix contest!

It is an open promotional event, open to all pony & non pony producers and aliases of every genre you fillies, gentlecolts, and otherwise gender inclined individuals can come up with!

Here is a full copy+paste from the group for the remix contest, on SoundCloud. Link, here.

" Firstly, here are the stems! :

key : F minor
bpm: 87

1) You must use at least two of the stems from the .rar file provided.
2) All entries must be IN THIS GROUP by 12:00 AM on 3/1/2016 according to -7 GMT (US Mountain Time)
3) Joke entries will be disqualified.

Upon the contest's completion;

Up to seven winners will be chosen, but the right to choose less than that number is reserved. The winning tracks will be released for FREE at with NO OPTION to pay more if a user wants - strictly free.

All winners receive the same prize - the opportunity for collaboration with myself, and release on the EP - thus far.

To maintain quality, prior to the EP's release, any tracks chosen that lack a comparable mix and master will be remastered accordingly, by myself & pre-listened by undisclosed persons. At the contest's completion, if you're chosen as a winner, you'll also have the option to request this.

No definite date yet for the free EP release. Stay tuned.

And good luck. "

Hopefully that conveys better where I'm going with this. Love ya'll. <3 If you have any questions, shoot me a message on SoundCloud, hit me up on Skype (rachelous.riptide) or email me at; [email protected]

So yeah, as I said;

good luck.

And thanks, of course. <3
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Re: Regret - The Remixes (Open Promotional Event)

Postby DUMBFABRIC » 09 Jan 2016 22:54

I think you've posted this in the wrong board, mate

But sometimes in a pinch I can do ambient noise or whatever I guess...
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