Looking for a female vocalist.

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Looking for a female vocalist.

Postby Kitara poika » 30 Aug 2015 07:27


So title screen says it all. I´m looking for a female vocalist for my new cover. I´m trying to make a doom/death metal cover of "Children of the Night"-song and I need some female vocalist to sing first verse and couple other parts in clean voice (I already got a growler). I couldn´t find acapella/vocals only version anywhere so I have to find a singer, which isn´t the easiest thing to do.

Also I had to delete my previous channel. So this also a new beginning for me and it may make difficult to find a vocalist. So hopefully here´s some vocalists who might be interested to help me out :grin: .

If you got any questions you can send me a PM or add me on skype.
Skype: finbrony99

Thanks for reading :smile: .
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