Looking for collab. partner.

Post Midis, project files, samples, stems, here. Also great place to request collaboration or specific files/sounds.

Looking for collab. partner.

Postby Midnight Muse » 14 Jul 2015 21:57

Howdy ponydom! (or rather, MLR-dom.)
I am midnight muse, a less than popular almost nonexistent and extremely amateurish brony musician. (who hasn't even released the final version of a cover or song yet. my youtube is full of old stuff and half baked covers.)
And I am looking for someone who's rep is equally rubbish, and is just as new as I am to make a collaborative project with for the mutual benefit of both parties.
I am a somewhat skilled electric, bass, and acoustic guitarist, who can also sing well enough. (singing voice is pretty deep though, think the like the aviators, if you want an example. I can imitate him well enough. but I'm nowhere near that skilled.)
I am okay if you want to cover or make an original or whatever, even if you can't sing or anything, I'd be happy to work with ya. My expectations are pretty low, I'm just looking to make some music & friends.
email me @
[email protected] if you're interested.
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Re: Looking for collab. partner.

Postby Czyszy » 20 Jul 2015 18:06

sent you an email

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Re: Looking for collab. partner.

Postby DragonFire » 10 Aug 2015 16:23

I would gladly work with you!
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